About Emotifics

We are an independent, trusted AI technology partner for identity management.

Emotifics is a product of Mizpahsoft is an End to End IT Service supplier Over the years, Mizpahsoft has accomplished its extraordinary position in the product showcase.

With software professionals, domain experts & certified engineers, we at Mizpahsoft provide on-demand, on-site & remote IT solutions to startups & scaled enterprises. Blending passion for IT, technology skills & domain expertise, we architect customized & complex enterprise level solutions, web & mobile applications.

Emotifics now provides more products which have more advanced features such as Gender and Age detector, Smile detector, sunglass detector, Face feature tracker and Full-HD Face tracker.

Emotifics face recognition products can be used for access control systems, surveillance systems, computer security, banking, entertainment, law enforcement applications, customer management system and many more.

Our Technology


Manage Student conditions

Students are the key entities in a school, with the help of our tool guide students for a better academic performance.


Students Management

The modules help to manage and execute all your critical processes regarding Students.


Know your School Tree

We provide you a clearly illustration of schools, classes, sections and students.


Facial Recognition

Recognise childrens in the school and track the where abouts.


School Management

You can add and manage the Schools,Classes,Sections effortlessly.As an administrator all you have to do is enter the mandatory fields and an email/sms will be triggered to the user, instantly.


Emotions Recognition

Tracking 7 different emotions - surprise, happy, sad, fear, neutral, disgust, angry.



Emotions tracking helps us to analyse the psychological condition of the child at school.



All detailed reports of a child are available.


Add a Layer of Intelligence
to Your Critical Cameras


Easy Installation

The Installation is very easy which follows only few steps to proceed and the subscription levels of the product are also available to the customers.



The emotions can be predicted with outmost accuracy by considering the processing speed ,throughput and response speed.



Refers to the extent to which the product can be used with ease.The results from the product will drive the growth of kids in their academics.



Accessing the product on different types of machines as well as on mobiles which makes the product flexible and to handling will be easy.


Our tool to help students and parents.

Students are unable to manage their stress.They don’t have a place to vent their thoughts at home or at school or college. Many battle an identity crisis. Uncertain about their future, they begin to isolate themselves and eventually slip into depression Overall, an average of three years 2014 to 2016 shows that the trend was similar with at least one student committing suicide every hour. The three years together saw 26,476 students take their own lives in the country.

Our tool will be helpful to detect and track and monitor these psychological emotions of students, which helps to prevent the suicide cases.

Real-time Video


The Emotifics industry leading enrollment and comparison speeds make Rank One the best choice for analyzing real-time streaming video.

Video support

The Emotifics makes processing and analysis of streaming video easy via its face tracking, consolidation, and clustering algorithms.

Emotifics provides the FaceVACS Engine through customized software development kits, with a set of functions and modules specific to each use case and computing platform, and based on tailored software licensing agreements. Such specific use cases include: image quality check, verification for document issuance, and verification for access control.

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